Dry cleaning Paris and Laundry Paris:
In one click , make laundry simple, eco-friendly and fun.

Dry cleaning Paris : Join the team with Hublo, the eco-friendly cleaners ! Download the app and take care of laundry in Paris while enjoying life

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Our services : Dry cleaning Paris, Laundry wash and fold, house hold items

Dry cleaning shirt

Dry cleaning Paris

Suits, cocktail dresses, jackets, scarves, tuxedos, fine blouses… HUBLO takes care of your most delicate garments and delivers the best quality clean service ever. Our experts cautiously handle each garment leveraging on their knowledge of textile, stain treatments and fabrics, our state of the art cleaning technology and best in class process do the rest.

Laundry wash and fold

Take your day-to day laundry off your to do list and let us make your life easier ! This is the perfect alternative for those without a washing machine or no time to spend at the laundromat.

Household items

Your curtains need a good refresh, but are too heavy to carry  ? Hublo dry cleaning in Paris is the solution. We take care of all your household items (Curtains, rugs, bed linen, duvet…). Especially the bulky ones. Order a pick-up, our groom and experts will  do the rest !

Dry cleaning Paris

Dry cleaning Paris : How does Hublo works

It is very simple: 

Dry cleaning Paris Hubl
  1. Fill in the address of your choice (available downtown Paris)
  2. Schedule a time/slot to pick-up. Select the items you want us to dry clean.
  3. Make any specific comment through the app
  4. Confirm your order and you are all done !
  • Sort your dry cleaning items (silks, cashmeres, linens or leathers) from the laundry items + into lights and darks. 

From our side, as soon as you dry cleaning  order is passed :

  • Your groom is immediately alerted and ready for the pick up.
  • The D-day, your groom will ride with his electric bike to the selected place, to pick up your laundry and bring it to the nearest Hublo dry cleaning and laundry shop in Paris.
  • In the meantime, you can follow your beloved items thanks to its QR code associated!
  • 24/48h later, depending on the option you have chosen, your groom will bring back your garment .

Ready to join the team ? You can download our iOS /Android free laundry service app, and place your first dry cleaning collect right away!

You can also check our prices righ here !

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